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Khloe Kardashian Stuffs Her Pig Face of the Day

Khloe Kardashian is a fucking pig and here she is stuffing her face…but then again when you are a a fucking beast of a person and she needs to fuel herself somehow and if it’s not with food…I have a feeling it’d be dangerous….you know if you starve this bitch out for a couple of hours we’re at risk of her grabbing anything near her, from people’s small dogs to their small children, so it’s probably best to keep her full, no matter how scary that may be to restaurants with an all you can eat ice cream bar.

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Britney Spears in Her Dick Shirt of the Day

I guess Britney Spears loves dick so much she decided to wear it on her t-shirt….see we understand the subtlty of shitty ironic t-shirts…so we get what Britney and her sweaty sloppy self is trying to tell us…the issue of whether we want to give her want she wants really comes down to the condition of her pussy cuz based the rest of her, you may have some scrubbing to do….not that that would really stop me…this is Britney Spears we’re dealing with…she’s one of those things you rawdog under any circumstance…including AIDS…I figure if Homeless dudes can live with the disease for decades…it can’t be that bad….

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Snooki from Jersey Shore is a Serious Ditch Pig with Tits of the Day

Snooki is the kind of trash I normally can’t fucking stand…bitches who are all loud and annoying who act like they are hot shit when they are really just fucking disgusting trash, like seriously fucking disgusting, like borderline crackwhore in the gutter trash, where everything about them, including the tits they always have popping out of their shirts make me want to throw up, even though I generally love tits.

Snooki just doesn’t annoying me, maybe because I don’t watch the show, or maybe because she’s like a cartoon version of the cunts I hate. She’s just riding the fame game thanks to the 15 minutes that have made her fucking life that she probably already thought was fucking awesome to begin with….All I know is that you can book the bitch for 10,000 dollars and I can only assume that comes with blowjobs….and blowjobs are always fun…

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Lily Allen is Disgusting and Pantless in Concert of the Day

I may never see pigs fly in my lifetime, but I think I just say a pig get a record deal, a fanbase, put on a really low cut leotard that grabbed its pig pussy and show off its little big tits and big pig guy get on stage with a mic and perform like it was something that wasn’t a pig, but a hot chick, you know something that people other than farmers wanted to fuck when no one was lookin….and the whole thing is pretty much…digusting as fuck….

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America Ferrara is a Disgusting Pig of the Day

I hate writing about Mexicans who humilate themselves trying to fit into America by sacrificing their integrity, all because their parents had a dream for them to have a life better in the land of opportunity or some shit and to instill that on their kids they named them after the fuckin’ country and got them into acting, forcing them to play the ugly bitch on a TV show about an ugly bitch, being reminded everyday that she’s ugly by both Hollywood standards and my standards, while collecting a paycheck that pretty much guarantees she will never have to clean a hotel room or clean up a rich family’s dog piss, it will also help pay for her therapy when she starts realizing that she’s just being used as a clown for all of us to laugh at. The whole thing depresses me, but for some reason lookin at this pig in a hot dog outfit is making me fucking hungry….and it may get you off if you’re the kind of guy who gets intimate with sausages and cured meats because based on a hooker I know…a lot of dudes are into that shit….

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Fat Pig and Her Beef of the Day

Happy fourth of July you cocksuckers.

Be sure to take your fat ass outside in your bathing suit and get your meat on your fuckin’ grill, because that’s what Kim Kardashian wants you to do. She wants tyou to not feel insecure about your fat ass or sloppy stomach from being a lazy piece of shit with a workout DVD and she just wants you to enjoy all the food you’ll soon be eating…. I am going thru alochol withdrawal and it hurts me both physically and emotionally so try to walk it out with me…unless you’re too lazy to walk…in which case just wait for me to come back…..eventually…

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Mary Carey is a Porn Pig of the Day

If you’re into beastiality but shit’s not legal in your parts, but you can’t get over the fact that fucking a live animal would be the single most amazing experience in your life, the porn producers have answered all your dreams by giving a pig like Mary Cary a career. Sure she may not actually live in a barn down the street from you to crawl into at night and have your way with, but she sure as fuck looks like she does.

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How About Some Pre-Sex Change Pussy Before It’s Too Late To Fuck of the Day

For those of you who always wanted to fuck Chastity Bono dry after first seeing her on the Sonny and Cher show in the 70s, you time is fuckin’ limited, not because she’s dying, but because her vagina is. She’s getting the shit sewed the fuck up like they were a frayed seam on my fat man pants, so this could be the last time you see her as a really hot woman I’d love to spend the night with, and in a few months after recovering from surgery will come out lookin’ pretty much the fuckin’ same, but going down on her will be a lot more faggot.

Not that you ever had a chance because she’s a fuckin’ lesbian and all that, but you can still rape a lesbian, it’s not like they’re immune to getting raped just because most usually became lesbian because of getting raped, you know someone can get raped more than once, fuck…

I guess what it all comes down to is that Cher’s done some pretty serious traumatic shit to this girl, or maybe someone spiked her baby formula with hippie drugs, cuz getting a dick glued to your dyke crotch is fuckin’ next level weird. I am sure her family is really proud of how she turned out….I guess skiing into a tree wasn’t the worst thing that coulda happened to her dad, living this is probably a far more painful hell.

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Kelly Clarkson and Her One True Love of the Day

All of Kelly Clarkson’s love songs are about food. I think these pictures make that pretty clear. So next time she comes up on the radio, remember that she is singing about a Big Mac, or even a Double Big Mac and not about a guy. Not because there is no guy sick enough to get with her, she’s famous and has a lot of money, a lot of guys would swallow their pride to get with her, unfortunately she’s too busy swallowing two all beef pattties, special sauce, lettuce cheese all fucking day to give their cock’s a chance.

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Paris Hilton’s BFF Fuckin’ With her Fat of the Day

Here’s some unfortunate suggestive pics of that pig who won Paris Hilton’s BFF contest trying to stay relevant. She’s getting some fat stomach treatment because she is fat, but it looks like she’s got a belly full of cum, something she’s probably used to, because no one is dumb enough to cum inside her and get stuck having to deal with her for the rest of their lives, because she would keep the baby especially if the daddy was someone who would be able to keep her in the spotlight.

Cum on the belly is a move the pregnant street kid I was talking to the other day should have probably learned , I mean maybe it’s a little too late for her now, but maybe this can be passed on to other couples who we don’t want to see procreate like the Pratts.

That said, this Paris BFF, should take the plunge and get real life liposuction, none of this imitation shit, or maybe she should just develop an eating disorder, because she’s too sloppy for real Hollywood success.

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