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Mary Carey Dancing in the Airport of the DAy

Mary Carey may be a disgusting to look at porn chick I hope you’ve never masturbated to – but you probably have…but she is a good time..

Whether it was running for politics years ago, which put her on the map…or just doing whatever cameos come along…she’s a harmless disgusting to look at porn chick…and I appreciate her positive attitude as she dances around – because lets face it, porn is a depressing world filled with broken women trying to promote their cam careers or escorting, but they are often times medicated and broken by 30…while Mary Carey must be in her 70s and still killin’ it at the Airport doing her dance..probably because she was lucky enough to get flown somewhere instead of forgotten like most porn chicks of the past….who knows…but it’s the dance video of the Day….

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Mary Carey for Trump Despite her Porn Sister’s Accusations of the Day

Mary Carey is known for being a famewhore who hustles as many publicity stunts as possible to stay in the news – she’s been doing the political thing forever, I think it may have started with running for Mayor, maybe it was running for Governor, I don’t remember or care – because she doesn’t matter, I have never seen her porn, I have never wanted to see her porn, and if anything…just looking at her and her shamelessness is pretty gross..

I am only posting this because her sister Pornstar Jessica Drake who I am not sure whether they’ve shared cock or bodily fluids – but are both old and washed up….has recently come forward with some story about TRUMP groping her and offering to pay her for sex like she’s a hooker – when really she only gets paid for sex if there’s a camera crew in the room – have some respect Donald Trump….how dare you talk to a sex worker like that – they are respectable person….

I just find it interesting that one pornstar is trying to expose Trump for being a sleazy asshole we all know he is…while another one is trying to leverage him for her own success…and the whole thing is just so silly…ultimately like your American election….

I guess it’s just proof how divided the country is….


In other TRUMP news….his star on Hollywood walk of fame was defaced, which is pretty fucking low level protest, that I don’t support or respect because like all the other stars on the walk, he paid for it….and dude was elected to get this far and whether he’s insane, crazy, terrifying or not…vandalizing his shit…is just weird….and ignoring the fact that the government is ultimately corrupt, evil, and not out for your best interests…but rather out for their own self interests…and all parties involved should be terrifying, in fact, Trump should be less scary only because of his ignorance…and lack of doing really fucked up political things that no one ever hears about because they are distracted by noise, scandal and fluff…but I can assure you…sledgehammer to a star is not really making a political statement or having a good conversation about what’s actually wrong…stop fighting amongst yourselves, start working together in an intelligent and civil way…you unsophisticated primates..


And the video

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Mary Carey Shows Off her Fake Tits of the Day

Mary Carey is really fucking ugly, yet she gets paid to fuck and people pay to watch her fuck and that just really confuses me. I understand people are into some really sick shit, I understand that anything weird you can think of that people have masturbated to, whether dog shit in the park, or used condoms in the back alley, or fat wives, or diseased hookers, or even shit covered anus, there is a fetish for everything, but I still don’t understand where Mary Carey fits into the equation….I guess really attractive girls get professional jobs, leaving the porn industry with limited options of addicts, freaks, or ugly bitches they have to make look presentable, or maybe they give her work cuz she has stupid fake tits, and despite stupid fake tits being easy to acquire, only stupid bitches bother getting them, leaving the talent pool kinda shallow, but I still think they should have kept her workin’ the make-up department or really anywhere that kept her off camera because I find her vile. I even ask her about why she’s so ugly on Twitter , but she just blocked me, cuz I guess the truth hurts…

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Mary Carey is Less Fat but Stilll Disgusting of the Day

I like to torment Mary Carey on the internet because she is fucking disgusting. She has yet to answer me because I don’t think her retarded porn brain can figure twitter out, but I usually write shit about how fat and piggy she is and how disgusting anyone willing to watch her fuck on camera would have to because she’s so fat and piggy, but it looks like she’s decided to answer me with an eating disorder, possibly hard drugs and whatever else responsible for her thinner midsection, while maintaining her retarded big tits cuz those motherfuckers are fake and I think I am going to have to start bugging her about gaining that weight back because her head is all out of balance now and is seriously too big for her like some kind of farm animal….and even a skinnier Mary Carey is a fucking disgusting experience….and here she is showing off…if you can really call it that..because that’s like a motherfucker pulling up to a group of bitches in his 200 dollar ’84 Corolla with 300,000 miles and no front seat or bumper like he’s ballin’ out…which may work in Haiti but not here….and that’s all I have to say about that….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Mary Carey and Her Husband Kissing of the Day

Some dude was lucky enough to land Mary Carey as a wife. I am sure she took a lot of fucking work, you know because she’s so fucking unattainable and not at all disgusting. I mean there’s no way she’s just a washed up piece of trash pornstar who looks like a fuckin’ pig and eats like one too who no one wants and who other pornstars have to get drunk to fuck on camera even though it’s their fucking job and she’s just been doing it for less and less money as her career gets older and her dress size gets bigger because up until finding this sexually confused motherfucker, she just liked feeling valued and loved, even if for just a minute. Whore….

She makes me sick, she is H1N1.

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Mary Carey is a Porn Pig of the Day

If you’re into beastiality but shit’s not legal in your parts, but you can’t get over the fact that fucking a live animal would be the single most amazing experience in your life, the porn producers have answered all your dreams by giving a pig like Mary Cary a career. Sure she may not actually live in a barn down the street from you to crawl into at night and have your way with, but she sure as fuck looks like she does.

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Mary Carey Rocks a Bikini of the Day

I used to have a hard enough time fucking hookers knowing that they had fucked so many dudes over the course of their career including a dozen before I was up in that shit. That’s why no matter how ragingly horny I was, I would never lick their pussies or kiss them, I would, for the most part, throw on a condom and get to work so that I could go on with my day.

What I don’t understand is how someone can date a pornster unless they are in porn too. Sure pornstars say that they are cleaner than the club sluts you meet because they get tested once a month, but their pussies are more abused that my neighbors daughter who has been raped 8 times and hospitalized because of broken bones from her dad and boyfriends.

I guess the only explination would be that dude’s just a fucking pervert and is obsessed with everything that is porn related and enough to deal with these broken down sluts on a non-sexual level, when he could just hire their pussies for an hour.

Either way, here is Mary Carey and a groupie boyfriend who probably thinks he’s won the lottery, until he relizes that porn stars don’t like sex unless it’s a job, like people who work in ice cream shops and can’t eat ice cream because it loses it’s allure and becomes disgusting but not nearly as disgusting as tasting Mary Carey’s spit.

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Mary Carey and Her Retarded Tits of the Day

There was something that happened in porn in the 90s that is still going on today because I guess the same old perverts are still buying the movies that made girls think that turning their tits into some kind of disgusting through surgery, dying their hair blond and fucking on camera was all it would take to make them appealing to all men like some kind of low budget sex symbol. In their minds they are hot and more desirable than Marilyn Monroe was in her time without realizing that they are nothing more than glorified hookers and strippers that are just tools in making lonely dudes cum. I guess when you’re a high school drop out from a small town who was molested as a child, delusion is the only way to really live with your worthless self and fake tits are the only way to distract people from the cancer that you know is brewing inside you but don’t want to admit so you just play dumb. I guess i know nothing about this shit, but I do know that Mary Carey’s tits are retarded and that you like tits even if they are on retards so I am posting them.

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I am – Mary Carey Auctions Off Her Fake Tits of the Day


The pornstar for Governor, Mary Carey, is auctioning off her dirty used implants that she had removed, like some kind of barbarian freak. Now I am not much of a clean person because I don’t really wash myself often and smell often, but I get pretty fucking disgusted by other people’s filth. Like I can’t share a drink with someone because the thought of their AIDS spit makes me feel sick to my fucking stomach so when they ask me for a sip, like I’m some ex-convict working at the warehouse store handing out samples of Sunny D, and not like a motherfucker who’s enjoying his drink without their dirty lips on my shit, I usually tell them to fuck themselves.

That story has pretty much nothing to do with these dirty fucking porn sacks of shit, other than the thought of a pornstar’s pussy grosses me the fuck out and that shit’s usually pretty external, so thinking about her used up fake tits is a whole other level of weird.

The real issue in all these is the creepy dude with too much money and no social skills who is going to buy this shit and justify it because the money goes to charity and everyone will play it off as a joke, except maybe his family when he brings the tits out to Christmas dinner and introduces them to the family as his wife he bought on ebay, when he could have called Mary Carey’s agent and fucked her for about 500 dollars an hour on camera.

The only reason this shit pisses me off is because I got slack when I was trying to sell used panties on the internet a couple years ago when I was more ambitious about internet businesses, everyone I came across told me I was a sick fuck and ebay canceled my fucking auctions 10 different tries before I gave up on my dreams, but selling fake tits that were inside a whore is more socially accepted…..

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