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America Ferrara is a Disgusting Pig of the Day

I hate writing about Mexicans who humilate themselves trying to fit into America by sacrificing their integrity, all because their parents had a dream for them to have a life better in the land of opportunity or some shit and to instill that on their kids they named them after the fuckin’ country and got them into acting, forcing them to play the ugly bitch on a TV show about an ugly bitch, being reminded everyday that she’s ugly by both Hollywood standards and my standards, while collecting a paycheck that pretty much guarantees she will never have to clean a hotel room or clean up a rich family’s dog piss, it will also help pay for her therapy when she starts realizing that she’s just being used as a clown for all of us to laugh at. The whole thing depresses me, but for some reason lookin at this pig in a hot dog outfit is making me fucking hungry….and it may get you off if you’re the kind of guy who gets intimate with sausages and cured meats because based on a hooker I know…a lot of dudes are into that shit….

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America Ferrera Reunited with Her Family of the Day

I get very little satisfaction ripping into someone who plays someone ugly on TV. It’s like she already knows that shit and made a career exploiting it, so me doing this is just beating a dead fucking horse…or should I saw dog….

Here are some pictures of America Ferrera being reunited with her long lost family. I heard back in Mexico, her father was shot while looking through a dumpster for food to feed the family and her mother died of rabies, forcing Ferrara to fend for her brother and sister to survive. They went from town to town, people violated her, one drunk guy even fucked her behind some bar, but one day, she randomly got approached by four white people with nets and hooks and shit, she snarled at them, but they persisted to scoop her up and throw her in the back of a van, and after a quarantine, a series of shots, a nice southern California family adopted her. Shaved her and groomed her and fed her the best kibble around, giving her the opportunity to get on TV, starting as a stunt dog and ending up winning a fucking emmy. A rags to riches story, but for the person who seemingly had everything, one thing was unresolved…her brother and sister she vowed to care for were left behind, so with her Hollywood TV star money, she hired a team of people to find them and finally, after many years, they were brought back together. I think my eyes are starting to well up. Yep. That’s a tear. Wow, what a touching rags to riches story….

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