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Lily Allen is Disgusting and Pantless in Concert of the Day

I may never see pigs fly in my lifetime, but I think I just say a pig get a record deal, a fanbase, put on a really low cut leotard that grabbed its pig pussy and show off its little big tits and big pig guy get on stage with a mic and perform like it was something that wasn’t a pig, but a hot chick, you know something that people other than farmers wanted to fuck when no one was lookin….and the whole thing is pretty much…digusting as fuck….

Pics via Fame

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  • HorneyLohanWanker

    Cum Canister!

  • dr.dre

    I’d hit it !

  • Anonymous

    Really? I like my pop stars spank-friendly. If she’s cool with being chubby, so am I so long as I’m not required to gawk at her rolls. This is straight up white trash. She should fire her manager.


    ^^^That was actually me, but I forgot to change my shit back after pretending to be Anonymous. Thanks.

  • Mark :)

    i was there i loved it and i love her !
    so what if she isnt ‘perfect’ shes a great entertainer.
    cant beleive yous actually come on this posting pictures on celebs and sit and wank over it then slate others because they cant get you off.

    fuckin hypocrits.

    ilovelilyallen 🙂

  • Daddy Phat sacks

    I don’t care what this chick looks like I would pound it with out hesitation

  • Cocksucker

    what a fucking meatball she is

  • Dirty Whooore

    what a disgusting fucking pig