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Mary Cary is Disgusting of the Day

I guess Mary Cary proves that you don’t have to really have much going for you to do porn, you just have to be willing to suck dick, because there is no way that this bitch was every worth fucking, she just had big enough fake tits, blonde enough fake hair, and a willingness to get fucked on camera and sometimes that is enough, because I know I’ve put out ads to get girls to fuck on camera and the talent is usually pretty shitty, but when you need to get a video done you take what you get and that’s obviously how Mary Cary got her start.

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  • bobo

    There is a HOT place $$$ Affluentmeet *C o m $$$$$ It’s where you have chance to meet rich single men and rich single woman!


    bobo, you are spot on, as usual. Anyway, she’s a fucking porn star! What would you expect?!

  • Shaun

    She looks like grown up version of Miley Cyrus.

  • Vance

    Shauna Sands after a drunk gives her plastic surgery.

  • Perv

    She looked hotter 50 lbs ago.

  • joel osteen

    I’d twist a wet towel ’round this cunting lil whore’s neck till her eyes popped and she went limp . Maybe run her over with a forklift and then hook her and the towel to the forks and raise it up as high as it will go and shut off the forklift and toss the keys .Make an example of this lil bag o’ spunk , maybe stick a BBQ fork through her stupid nasty tits , push her face in a bucket of dogshit

  • hottyzwazwe

    nice double chin Mary

  • joel osteen

    steel toe kick her in the kidneys till crimson piss squirts out of her pink pussy piss hole and jam my fist in her pink pussy baby/fuck/period hole


    ^^^Yikes! Slow down there, Tex.

  • jane

    I hope somebody reports this dirt ball as possible suspect for violence against women. What a sad man.

  • Sargeant Jim

    Joel is our best officer , he is on his way to interrogate you , Jane .