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Denise Richards and Her Funbags for Funny or Die of the Day

I hate 99% of FunnyorDie’s content. I hate the people I meet who love the shit. I hate the type of comedy it promotes and the type of copycat amateurs it has created. If you ever come across someone who starts bragging about being on featured on FunnyorDie, you will realize why.

I hate 95% of anything Will Farrell has been touched, except maybe Old School, Anchorman and a couple of highclass escorts he’s been involved in, but in my defense, I haven’t seen those since they came out and I’ve been drunk the past couple of decades, so maybe I just saw them on a good day. I do know that I recently saw the skating movie and I was begging for a plane to crash into the building like it was 9/11. Seriously that fucking bad.

I hate the word funbag. It reminds me of college jocks, slappin’ dicks in excitement for the hot set of tits they saw on this broad at Spring Break, you know the one drunk and based out that they gang raped.

So natural, I hate this Denise Richards funny or die clip about her funbags…

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  • ass

    I would love to shove two fingers up her ass, and then jack off onto her face, while she is saying “funbags”.

  • Squeasel

    Speaking of 9/11, I actually found that more funny than this painfully desperate attempt to seem witty or original. I could see this being a hit to the most retarded down syndrome grade schooler.

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