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Some Fan Begging Justin For an Autograph of the Day

I don’t know what’s funnier, seeing Justin Timberlake ignore a fan, or that fact that the fan is not a teenage girl, but a grown man, begging and crying like I do everytime I try to get a girl to have sex with me, all for a fucking autograph. I mean, I like to think there’s more to it than just the autograph, maybe dude has a crush on Justin and thinks he’s got a chance with him, you know with that high singing voice and broad shouldered girlfriend, the boundaries are definitely grey….I guess I could write more, but why bother, I’d rather move onto the next waste of time post, are you okay with that ? Not that I really care what you are okay with….

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  • I am so sick of Justin Timberlake. I seriously wish he would just go away.

  • P.S. His new show on MTV looks pretty sucky as well!!

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