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Anna Faris Isn’t So Hot of the Day

I feel like these pictures of Anna Faris chick in a onesie are only hot to severe pedophiles. I am not talking the 20 year olds who are fucking 16 year olds. I am talking the serious pedophiles who fuck babies like they were in South Africa trying to cure themselves of AIDS .

I know she plays the hot chick in all these movies, which brings up a serious topic you should all start debating, and that is that there are hardly any real hot girls in Hollywood, most really hot girls are in small towns, satisfied, because they have nothing to really prove, since they’ve always been hot.

For the most part, Hollywood just has all these insecure cunts trying to get validation that they are worth something, maybe because daddy never hugged them, or their first love cheated on them, or because they were fat and the loser in high school but knowing deep down that they were better and more important than they got credit for, and now they can walk by all the haters, with their noses in the air like the snobs they always wanted to be, because it’s a slow day and the paparazzi snapped some pics of them.

It’s okay for them to think they are better than me, because it isn’t saying much, the homeless man who I paid 2 dollars to see his cock is better than me, he at least knows how to make a dollar….

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  • Where the fuck do you find this shit? BAbies being raped and thrown away…ugghhh…just to cure AIDS? I mean wow.

  • goodwolfe

    I think you’re onto something here…I’ve always had a suspicion that most Hollywood actresses were not that hot, especially if you were to see them first thing in the morning without makeup, hair done, etc. So many are insecure geeks when you see them on live talk shows and such….Also, as you say, you can see a regular girl on the street, no makeup, t-shirt and shorts and is so hot (and knows!) you forget how to breathe for a second or two…

  • nunya

    shit on the first picture i thought that was goldie hawn….this girl needs to take a long break

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