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Samantha Ronson Spins at a Stripclub of the Day

Samantha Ronson DJed the stripclub opening Pam Anderson was at and I wonder if she found love for 10 dollars a song like I have so many times.

I always laugh when I see lesbians at the stripclubs I go to, they are usually really fat, manly, horny bitches who all the strippers flock to because they feel less violated when something that claims to have a pussy slaps their ass, despite the fact that there’s no real proof she’s a woman, and really all evidence points to penis.

They always seem to be out of control, drunk, screaming, annoying, flashing the strippers their tits, putting money in their mouths and laying on stage, eager to get pussy and it is like watching an obese person at the all you can eat buffet, knee deep in mash potatos, if you know what I mean. It’s one of thoseKaty Perry lesbian fantasy killer situations that makes all the guys in the club hate that she’s stealing the limelight….

On a sidenote, is this the end for Ronson, I mean all the stripclub DJs I’ve ever seen are pretty bottom of the fucking barrel, does leaving Lohan mean a life of awkward parties, stripclubs and back alley abortion clinics, you know bringing music to ease the pain of killing your unwanted fetus.

On another sidenote, I am sure she got paid 20,000 dollars to do this, and the place I go, the DJ only gets paid in handjobs.

Let’s do one more sidenote, I hate you.

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  • sunshine

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  • GMorgan

    She is sooooo gruesome. But so is LL. They both make a meager woman at best

  • Shaun

    I want to break her stupid laptop.

  • lala

    i bet she has a dick bigger than most of you faggot’s 3 inch twinkie

  • Bob Smith

    These pictures look like they’re from a bad porno from the 70’s.

    I can see this girl bent over the pool table being f’d by Ron Jeremy in this club. It’s cliche, but still…

  • Not me

    Strip clubs just play songs and there is NO NEED for a DJ with stoopid headphones and their head cocked to the side so they can cue shit up.

    Ronson is a fraud and a sham just like the entire Lohan family.

    Move the fuck on

  • Mick

    Well, I think she’s kinda cute. You know, cute as in downs-syndrome cute. Or something.

  • I’m not a lesbian, but I play one on TV

    Only douche bags put stickers on their laptops.
    There. I said it.

  • shit

    ^^ I’ll put a sticker on your fucken asshole and wax it bitch.

    And seriously, WTF is the point of DJs? Just put the fucking mp3 on shuffle, that’s why we fucken have technology, to eliminate useless jobs.

  • Deemor

    I think she’s rather interesting. I wonder what she’s like in person. Does anyone know?

  • Ty

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