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Tila Tequila Staged Stripclub Pictures of the Day

The reason I know this is seriously staged is not because Tila Tequila is on her last legs and trying to get as much attention as possible and it’s not because she’s posing in each shot, like an eager attention whore just wanting to get noticed, but because I’ve been kicked out of many stripclubs over the years for just having my fucking cellphone on the table, since stripclubs like to keep shit private, in case one of the dancers is a fucking mom of 3 who is active in her community and kid’s school…..I also know that they lit this stripclub with studio lights and didn’t even try to make shit look discreet.

The end is near for her, this is pathetic, desperate, boring, unoriginal and uninteresting… there’s nothing hot about her and her 4 foot 11 frame rolling around in money that she’s soon gonna have none of….notice that it’s all “Singles”, bitch coulda at least busted out a couple of 10s or 20s….now collectively pray that she gets put out of her misery….I don’t know about you, but I’m eager for her to officially let fame kill her like she was a child star and not an internet star….Seriously, so ready for bitch to suicide….Her internet fame has gone to far, the only thing she offers society is that she’s a stain on the shit….

As someone who spent the better part of a decade in a stripclub, these pictures are nothing but a fucking joke. I shouldn’t be feeding into this crap. I just have nothing better to do and part of me loves to take advantage of girls who want fame so bad they are willing to do “ANYTHING” for it…but TIla Tequila is so vile that she makes that an ugly thing….and that pisses me off…

Pics via Bauer

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Samantha Ronson Spins at a Stripclub of the Day

Samantha Ronson DJed the stripclub opening Pam Anderson was at and I wonder if she found love for 10 dollars a song like I have so many times.

I always laugh when I see lesbians at the stripclubs I go to, they are usually really fat, manly, horny bitches who all the strippers flock to because they feel less violated when something that claims to have a pussy slaps their ass, despite the fact that there’s no real proof she’s a woman, and really all evidence points to penis.

They always seem to be out of control, drunk, screaming, annoying, flashing the strippers their tits, putting money in their mouths and laying on stage, eager to get pussy and it is like watching an obese person at the all you can eat buffet, knee deep in mash potatos, if you know what I mean. It’s one of thoseKaty Perry lesbian fantasy killer situations that makes all the guys in the club hate that she’s stealing the limelight….

On a sidenote, is this the end for Ronson, I mean all the stripclub DJs I’ve ever seen are pretty bottom of the fucking barrel, does leaving Lohan mean a life of awkward parties, stripclubs and back alley abortion clinics, you know bringing music to ease the pain of killing your unwanted fetus.

On another sidenote, I am sure she got paid 20,000 dollars to do this, and the place I go, the DJ only gets paid in handjobs.

Let’s do one more sidenote, I hate you.

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Pamela Anderson at Some Stripclub Opening of the Day

Pam Anderson was at the opening of some NYC stripclub which was pretty obvious because that’s pretty much what her Hollywood career has been. You know big fake everything, fucking rockstars and guys with lame tattoos, getting STDs and now that she’s washed up and disgusting, it’s only natural that she go back to “den mother” all these girls just starting out, and I use the word natural very loosly.

I spend a lot of time in stripclubs, I know how these things work. I see the old haggard stripper who you wonder how she got where she got and why she’s still allowed to work and you realize that she’s been there for decades and can’t get fired and that she acts as a mentor to the other girls because she’s seen it all , and her daughter so happens to work alongside her to pay for her college and that together, they get naked for money and that they only talk to me when they are really really desperate for money and have been rejected by everyone else in the club, including the staff, so I know the whore game, and I know that despite Pam Anderson getting sidetracked along her true calling with that whole Hollywood, celebrity shit, it’s never too late to crawl back into the gutter position your fate had lined up for you, your tits, your fake hair, lips and fabricated, plastic sex appeal.

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