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Pamela Anderson at Some Stripclub Opening of the Day

Pam Anderson was at the opening of some NYC stripclub which was pretty obvious because that’s pretty much what her Hollywood career has been. You know big fake everything, fucking rockstars and guys with lame tattoos, getting STDs and now that she’s washed up and disgusting, it’s only natural that she go back to “den mother” all these girls just starting out, and I use the word natural very loosly.

I spend a lot of time in stripclubs, I know how these things work. I see the old haggard stripper who you wonder how she got where she got and why she’s still allowed to work and you realize that she’s been there for decades and can’t get fired and that she acts as a mentor to the other girls because she’s seen it all , and her daughter so happens to work alongside her to pay for her college and that together, they get naked for money and that they only talk to me when they are really really desperate for money and have been rejected by everyone else in the club, including the staff, so I know the whore game, and I know that despite Pam Anderson getting sidetracked along her true calling with that whole Hollywood, celebrity shit, it’s never too late to crawl back into the gutter position your fate had lined up for you, your tits, your fake hair, lips and fabricated, plastic sex appeal.

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  • GMorgan

    Old, Old,Old, not to mention skinny chicken legs.

  • Shaun

    I’d rape this granny without a second thought. Or a first thought, really.


    Pam has certainly milked this type of gig for quite a while. Coming to and end…SAD…but she’s had her day.

    She seems to be heading into the Shauna world…camel toe and all.

    Clear plastic F*ck Me heels next!

  • Not me

    Another justification of why Monroe killed herself young so she wouldn’t turn into this.

    That chick was pretty smart.

  • nunya

    hep c will eventually kill her

  • Cunty Cuntall

    Her Hep C Pussy is no match for my dirty, disgusting, diseased dick !!

  • IsJosKan

    She’s got a nice box – well in the words of Borat it probably hangs low like sleeve of wizard now.