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UK Fame Whore of the Day



I don’t even know who this girl is, but I like her hustle. She knows that when she is to leave a club or party where the paparazzi are present, to flash and strip down however much clothing she can manage to rip off before exposing herself, in order to ensure being talked about in the tabloids, because to some people, being in the tabloids is a stamp of approval that they matter or exist, and without that coverage, they are just slutty girls past their prime, but those same people are the kind of people who behave like this in public and it is glorious enough for me….being the pervert that I am….


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Tila Tequila Staged Stripclub Pictures of the Day

The reason I know this is seriously staged is not because Tila Tequila is on her last legs and trying to get as much attention as possible and it’s not because she’s posing in each shot, like an eager attention whore just wanting to get noticed, but because I’ve been kicked out of many stripclubs over the years for just having my fucking cellphone on the table, since stripclubs like to keep shit private, in case one of the dancers is a fucking mom of 3 who is active in her community and kid’s school…..I also know that they lit this stripclub with studio lights and didn’t even try to make shit look discreet.

The end is near for her, this is pathetic, desperate, boring, unoriginal and uninteresting… there’s nothing hot about her and her 4 foot 11 frame rolling around in money that she’s soon gonna have none of….notice that it’s all “Singles”, bitch coulda at least busted out a couple of 10s or 20s….now collectively pray that she gets put out of her misery….I don’t know about you, but I’m eager for her to officially let fame kill her like she was a child star and not an internet star….Seriously, so ready for bitch to suicide….Her internet fame has gone to far, the only thing she offers society is that she’s a stain on the shit….

As someone who spent the better part of a decade in a stripclub, these pictures are nothing but a fucking joke. I shouldn’t be feeding into this crap. I just have nothing better to do and part of me loves to take advantage of girls who want fame so bad they are willing to do “ANYTHING” for it…but TIla Tequila is so vile that she makes that an ugly thing….and that pisses me off…

Pics via Bauer

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Sophie Turner is Still Trying to Be Famous of the Day

I wrote this post on Sophie Turner last week, that I ended up deleting because she doesn’t like being called a pornstar and I was at risk of getting sued….

Sophie Turner is some Australian pornstar, at least that’s what I assume she is because she looks like the gutter shit you’d expect to find in porn. The kind of pussy that doesn’t smell because it gets scrubbed down multiple times a day, but that looks like some kind of fleshy mound of decomposing flesh because unlike its smell, has been used and abused enough to kill the fucking thing and turn it sloppy and grey…

For some reason, she’s been getting on all the sites lately. The paparazzi are targeting her. She’s been hitting up events and trying to get LA famous and I’m not quite sure why, but I do know that her strategy is working, not that her strategy is genius, it’s just a reminder that if you show some skin, pay the paparazzi, and attend events, you get noticed…

Pretty simple…you should do it and to get your start, feel free to send nude pics my way to leak for you….I am here to help and I want what is best for you and your future….

So it turns out she’s not a pornstar at all…She is a Glamour Model who looks a lot like one…sorry for the confusion and here are some pics of her trying to get noticed and USA Famous and she’ not looking like a cheap piece of shit pornstar, but like Glamour Model….because apparently there’s a real huge fucking difference…Ugly Cunt.

Pics via Fame

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Paris Hilton’s BFF in Some Staged Bikini Bullshit of the Day

Why would anyone give a fuck about this girl being in a bikini, I guess because she is a girl and is half naked, but that’s about it. It’s not because she’s famous or worth anything, she’sj just a famewhore who happened to win some stupid Paris Hilton produced show.

I guess she’s staging these shots, trying to take the celebrity stayin in the media approach, only she doesn’t realize no one really gives a fuck about her and that her 15 minutes are up. If she wants attention, she may want to stage a sex tape with an actual celebrity, like Verne Troyer or something, cuz that Jew bitch is more famous that this useless BFF piece of shit.

To make shit worse, she has a shitty fucking body and is better off posing on the beach in a snuggie like she was Katy Perry.

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