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Claire Danes Weird Nipple Slip of the Day

I never thought Claire Danes was hot. I remember when My So Called Life was on TV and all these fucking girls I knew connected with her socially awkward, unattractive, suicidal and depressing character, some how making her out to be this desired chick in an oversized 90s sweater who fucked with Jared Leto and I just didn’t get it. I went through a few weeks of wondering if I was gay because I found the weird hispanic faggot more feminine and attractive than her, but in my defense I didn’t know he was a dude for the first few episodes I saw him in and I think he had more tit than her.

So seeing her 10 or 15 years later really doesn’t appeal to me, even when she’s showing off her little boy nipple that remind me of the 5th grade swimming lessons I once took, only not as hot, because in 5th grade swimming leesons, I got to stare at my 16 year old instructor’s pubic hair pokin’ out of her one-piece bathing suit…

To see the rest of the pics, follow this link

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  • Bob Smith

    I hope that’s a nipple and not a melanoma…

  • Amber Taylor

    I used to LOVE My So Called Life.

    I wanted to be Rayanne so bad. But the male version of her…

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