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Claire Danes Jogs of the Day

There are times when I look at girls jogging, usually in the summer, wearing their skimpy shorts, where I think to myself, if I was more of a pervert I would either film this…and if I was more of a sexual predator, I would throw this in my van and make love to it in my cabin in the woods for the next 14 years, until releasing her back to society- confused….you know because the girls are just that hot..

It’s like I can spend hours in the park…watching babes lap me…and be never the happier…

This is not one of those moments…

I think Claire Danes, should stick to working out at her home gym…until really getting to a place where the world wants to see her big reveal…it may take years…it may be too late for her…but in her defence…she’s never been hot…she has been skinny…those days may be done…at least that’s what her ass is telling me

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Claire Danes for Interview of the Day

Claire Danes, who if you are like me, you wrote off back in the 90s when she was the annoying depressive 90s angst who couldn’t get fucked by Jared Leto on My So Called Life…I mean I assume she’s done other things, but I haven’t paid attention to her, because all I can think about is the girls I used to know back then, who I didn’t want to even bang then, because of their plaid, apathetic disposition…it was a horrible time…and this bitch is the figure head…but now at 40 she’s topless in interview…and at least one of you is stoked about that…

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Claire Danes Sex Scene on Homeland of the Day

I get that this is Claire Danes, but hearing her moan really reminds me of Claire Danes…it sounds like her way too much, even if it is her, and flashbacks of My So Called Life, where she played the girl I didn’t want to fuck, but rather the girl I hated, and seeing her fake smashed…non nude…doesn’t take away from that…see if this had more pussy..I’d probably be into it…

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Claire Danes Whoring Out for GQ September 2012 of the Day

I didn’t find Claire Danes hot back when she was a teenager on My So Called Life…and I don’t find her hot now….which isn’t a big surprise…since 17 year old versions of 35 year old bitches are always substantially better, and even if she was hiding behind 90s oversized sweaters, ill fitting jeans, bad hair dye jobs, and all else she had working against her, mainly Jared Leto…she still wasn’t worth the money she made and fame she got from being on a fucking show for all the whiney teenage girls filled with angst to relate to….like watching a girl on her period every week….when you don’t have to be….her so called life that everyone shoulda ignored….

She’s doing GQ, she’s slutting out, and I guess the good news is that unlike all the girls who idolized her growing up, she’s not fat.

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Claire Danes See Thru Dress at Some Premiere of the Day

Claire Danes tit has always bored the fuck out of me. She’s always been flat cheseted and has never worn a bra and it’s been about as exciting as being a straight man hanging out in the gym lockeroom, not that I ever go to the gym, but I did have a free membership at the YMCA back when I was homeless and I would go in there sometimes to shower and shave when I got tired of smelling my own ass but kept it limited because it turns out the YMCA is a place where homos go to hook up and sex offenders go to look at little kids and the whole thing is uncomfortable to me and makes me wonder why the police dont just set up shop there to catch the predator, but not as uncomfortable as Claire Danes’ big nipple on her small tit makes me when I am forced to look at it because bitch finds bras uncomfortable and unnecessary or some shit.

Pics via Fame

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Claire Danes Weird Nipple Slip of the Day

I never thought Claire Danes was hot. I remember when My So Called Life was on TV and all these fucking girls I knew connected with her socially awkward, unattractive, suicidal and depressing character, some how making her out to be this desired chick in an oversized 90s sweater who fucked with Jared Leto and I just didn’t get it. I went through a few weeks of wondering if I was gay because I found the weird hispanic faggot more feminine and attractive than her, but in my defense I didn’t know he was a dude for the first few episodes I saw him in and I think he had more tit than her.

So seeing her 10 or 15 years later really doesn’t appeal to me, even when she’s showing off her little boy nipple that remind me of the 5th grade swimming lessons I once took, only not as hot, because in 5th grade swimming leesons, I got to stare at my 16 year old instructor’s pubic hair pokin’ out of her one-piece bathing suit…

To see the rest of the pics, follow this link

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Claire Danes is Skinny in a Bikini of the Day

I admit, I used to watch My So Called Life, not because every depressive teenage girl who was intense and into grunge related to this bitch and I wanted to find some common ground with them to work my way into them, but because I anxiously sat by my computer hoping this bitch offed herself. It never happened.

Since then, I have been about as attracted to Cliare Danes and I have been to my wife, for obviously different reasons, one being the fact that my wife is just vile to look at, while Claire Danes just reminds me of her annoying character on her show. The one thing she does have going for her is that she’s not fat, like the eating disorder girls that once looked at her as some kind of dark misunderstood god and that should be celebrated in this fat world that we live in. So this is me doing my part to make fat chicks stop eating and to remind skinny chicks that they just aren’t skinny enough.

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I am – Claire Danes Signing Autographs of the Day


Last I checked, My So Called Life was canceled over a decade ago. I know all the grunge kids related to this intense bitch and all her drama and flannel because no one knew what cutting was in the 90s. Her fan base should be grown up by now and over it, you know working and taking care of their kids and shit. But I guess this is a Megan Fox dating the dude from 90210 situation, because it looks like someone is asking Claire Danes for an autograph like she matters. I guess people are just into celebrities and her being asked for an autograph is the same reason dudes like Dane Cook or Jamie Kennedy or any motherfucker who’s been on TV at least once fuck groupie bitches when they roll through your hometown, even though dudes like that aren’t relevant enough to have groupies, because local girls think it’s a status symbol because they are idiots.

I can only assume that she’s either got some dude on payroll who pretends to be a fan to make her feel famous, or maybe she’s signing it for some blind kid, because anyone who have eyes that work will notice that bitch is so fucking busted that she reminds me of my childhood Christmas when all I’d get was broken toys and she has some green fucking teeth like she’s been sucking off the Grinch or maybe just not brushing because she’s too busy not having a career anymore.

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I am – Claire Danes is Boring and So Is Her Nipple of the Day

Claire Danes

Claire Danes is about as boring as it gets for celebrities and and to me, so is her nipple. Granted she’s an alright looking gal, but when it comes down to it, she is just not interesting, and neither are her movies. I though she was gone for good, cause she disappeared for awhile, but I guess she has a new movie out for something, because I see her everywhere, trying to get us all to like her again.

There’s a girl like Claire Danes in every highschool. People like her and say they say hi to her etc. No one has anything against her, she just is not fun all. No one invites her to parties either, because while the rest of the girls are getting naked in the pool and making out with each other, Claire just sits in the corning and talks to a few people quietly and leave after she feels awkward.

So here’s Claire Danes and her boring nipple. If her nipple could talk I bet it would be on a fun celebrities tit and not Claires. That nipple has something to prove. It’s trying to break free, I’m telling you. Which celebrity nipple would YOU like you like to be for a day?

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