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Claire Danes is Skinny in a Bikini of the Day

I admit, I used to watch My So Called Life, not because every depressive teenage girl who was intense and into grunge related to this bitch and I wanted to find some common ground with them to work my way into them, but because I anxiously sat by my computer hoping this bitch offed herself. It never happened.

Since then, I have been about as attracted to Cliare Danes and I have been to my wife, for obviously different reasons, one being the fact that my wife is just vile to look at, while Claire Danes just reminds me of her annoying character on her show. The one thing she does have going for her is that she’s not fat, like the eating disorder girls that once looked at her as some kind of dark misunderstood god and that should be celebrated in this fat world that we live in. So this is me doing my part to make fat chicks stop eating and to remind skinny chicks that they just aren’t skinny enough.

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  • hoodie

    Damn she’s so skinny that there’s not even any fat left in her outer cunt lips… no camel toe even in that total spread shot

  • mal

    she looks GREAT!!!!
    i like em skinny, tho…
    she looks better than she has in a long long time…
    good for her.

  • Joe

    She looks GREAT and will likey look great at 50 !

  • bear

    nice pic’s she looks f’ing good.

  • jreed

    good body, busted face

  • krabbi

    Longest. Torso. Ever.

    She’s too thin, looks like a pre-pubescent boy. I would assume that any man who finds her attractive is also attracted to young boys and is a perv. Barf.

  • Derek

    She needs fucked good by a pimp with a big black dick that will make her scream daddy all night long.

  • John

    I am an idiout that cant not spell or use corrrect grammer and always try to spam ever one with some stupid website that no gives a shit aboot.

  • Candi Apples

    Dang,Claire Dangs is in dire need of a burger!

    There is something very unappealing and boring about
    Claire Danes,although I have yet to figure out why.

    Perhaps it’s her lackluster looks,her lack of talent,
    or the fact that she is ugly by Hollywood standards.

  • Candi Apples

    Claire Danes(spelling error)

  • d00d

    A little on the skinny side, but still pretty secksy.

  • Raincoater

    Is the Candi Apples that posts on this website the world famous porn star Candi Apples that has her name tattooed on her titties?

  • Yikes, what happened to her O.O

  • Jay

    …so skinny, her butt cheeks don’t even rub together. By the way, her pics remind me. I’m gonna have some ribs for dinner.

  • Bob Bowie

    Looks good to me.

    I like itty bitty titties.

  • whotookmystapler

    Not too skinny, just ultra long waist & short legs.

    Odd proportioned.

  • Sprmcandy

    She is Gorgeous, love her killer body from head to toe. I don’t have enought sperm to please the Beautiful Lady.

  • cunty cuntall

    My Dick Is Fatter Than Her !!