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Claire Danes Whoring Out for GQ September 2012 of the Day

I didn’t find Claire Danes hot back when she was a teenager on My So Called Life…and I don’t find her hot now….which isn’t a big surprise…since 17 year old versions of 35 year old bitches are always substantially better, and even if she was hiding behind 90s oversized sweaters, ill fitting jeans, bad hair dye jobs, and all else she had working against her, mainly Jared Leto…she still wasn’t worth the money she made and fame she got from being on a fucking show for all the whiney teenage girls filled with angst to relate to….like watching a girl on her period every week….when you don’t have to be….her so called life that everyone shoulda ignored….

She’s doing GQ, she’s slutting out, and I guess the good news is that unlike all the girls who idolized her growing up, she’s not fat.

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