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Claire Danes See Thru Dress at Some Premiere of the Day

Claire Danes tit has always bored the fuck out of me. She’s always been flat cheseted and has never worn a bra and it’s been about as exciting as being a straight man hanging out in the gym lockeroom, not that I ever go to the gym, but I did have a free membership at the YMCA back when I was homeless and I would go in there sometimes to shower and shave when I got tired of smelling my own ass but kept it limited because it turns out the YMCA is a place where homos go to hook up and sex offenders go to look at little kids and the whole thing is uncomfortable to me and makes me wonder why the police dont just set up shop there to catch the predator, but not as uncomfortable as Claire Danes’ big nipple on her small tit makes me when I am forced to look at it because bitch finds bras uncomfortable and unnecessary or some shit.

Pics via Fame

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  • Joe

    Most thin girls have alert highbeams and “teacups”
    She’s pretty hot, East Coast girls dont need alterations !!

  • roy

    I like little titties. I think she’s hot.

  • bill

    small is beter

  • Bob Smith

    That’s about as good as she’s ever looked.

  • anony

    “That’s about as good as she’s ever looked.”

    That’s right–she’s not really that attractive.

  • Timothy Womble

    There is something cute about her as a whole. I love her perky little tits and slim body, almost like a 1920’s starlette.

  • Cunty Cuntall

    I promise I won’t toss-off to these Pic’s. Whoops, too late.

  • Douche

    Small boobs are ok if they are in proportion to the woman’s body. But i think nobody would mind if she chose to increase her cup size by a cup or two