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Brooke Hogan’s Birthday Party a Few Days Late of the Day

Brooke Hogan’s birthday was a couple of days ago, I slept on it, because I don’t really care for birthdays especially when they are for big girls. You know at the bar next to me, where their better lookin’ friends try to get them dick and turn to you because everyone else in the bar has already rejected them and you have nothin’ going on so you entertain the idea of fucking her and when it really comes down to it, she’s way better looking than the woman you share a bed with, so you buy her a drink, because it’s the nice thing to do, and you get to talking and within a minute she gets nasty and all the bitterness that she has burried up inside, the same bitterness that made her fat in the first place starts coming to surface, you know how her friends are cunts for being prettier than her and how guys are assholes cuz they only let her suck their dick and refuse to ever introduce them to their friends, and within 4 minutes entertaining some fuckin disgusting birthday girl turns into a therapy session you can’t fuckin’ escape….but then I realized that Brooke Hogan’s story is not one of big girl, but instead one of incest, of a love for her father that makes other’s uncomfortable because they just don’t get it, they don’t see how true and real it is, they are jealous that they have spent their lives searching for this love that Brooke’s already found, even if it is with her father, and that is the kind of magic I just can’t ignore.

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  • UncleFucka

    Sweet Mother of Fuck she’s getting manlier with each passing day.

  • Danny Ocean

    Do you think she uses a electric razor for her mustache???/ Thats A Man Baby!!!

  • Adrián ch

    Geez! She IS. A fuckin’ dude!!!

  • Bob Smith

    You know, it’s not hard to spot a tranny. The adam’s apple, 5 o’clock shadow, huge shoulders, huge penis… it’s all a dead giveaway.

  • nunya

    i’ve said this before and i’ll say it again….she’s a dude!!!

  • nunya

    and not a pretty dude either!

  • Mike L

    God, she looks more and more like her mother. This world can’t handle two Lindas. Somebody shoot one (or both) of them!

  • Jerome

    just send her over to my house

  • JDL

    Wow, she is looking rough. Seems she’s aged about 20 years in the past 2.

  • knee_sox

    Man she looks more like here horrible mother and her even uglier dad.

  • cock knocker

    How the fuck can she stand to walk out of the house like that. Does she not look in the mirror? Okay, she’s got some really nasty genes in her in terms of looks, but if she wasn’t wearing a tonne of make up she’d look at least half decent… sure, she’d still look like her parents, but she wouldn’t look so trailer trash.

  • Amber Taylor

    Actually, most trannies don’t have “huge cocks”. Their dicks are usually misshapen from all the hormones.
    Not that I’m into tranny porn but I do have some, but just for the guys in the vids.