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Brooke Hogan’s Flat Ass of the Day

Nothing like a bitch who is built like a fucking tank, you know too thick for her own kind to get with, forced to a cursed life of inter-racial love affairs, who is missing one key fucking element about being the fat blonde chick that black dudes fuck, and that’s a fuckin’ ass. I don’t really understand what’s going on in these pictures, but they oddly remind me of after hour parties with trannies in their panties, and despite my straight friends having the ability to neglect the fact they have a cock, and appreciate their luxurious hair extensions, make up and sometimes fake tits long enough to bust in their mouths, something I could never really fuck with no matter how drunk I was because I was never very good at lying to myself, I’ve always been forced to deal with the cold hard truth which has always been pretty fucking depressing, but not as depressing as waking up with tranny cock in your ass….

Either way, my advice to Brooke Hogan is to take some of those “CCs” out of her tits and jack that ass up.

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  • Expletive: BMP

    Mr Martinez you always bring us the best shit, bless you sir. Though Brooke resembles her dad and that’s sort of creepy, she has a cunny and that sort of makes up for it, at least i hope she has a cunny, cause clearly that gal ain’t kim kardashian.

  • khan tusion

    Maybe her ass fell into it self from all of the spankings, strappings, and paddlings the HULK has been giving her all her life.

  • Shaun

    Did she have her ass removed surgically? Dear lord, most men have better ass than her!

  • Come on!

  • Bob Smith

    Based on the shape of that ass, and the adam’s apple, it’s possible these aren’t “women” the way you think of them…

  • dui dickwad

    girls with no ass need to go away and not come back .

  • Dave’s Not Here

    Ellen DeGeneres looks more feminine

  • I’ve got a better looking mannish ass.

  • nunya

    I’ve been telling you for years that Brooke is a dude!

  • 6’9

    nasty…..just nasty

  • Ellen degenerate looks about as feminine as butch from the 1930’s little rascals.

    TRY AGAIN, this time, use your mind….

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  • Louie IVI

    So what, her ass is on perm. Vacation. Leave her flat back ass alone. Maybe she sold it on ebay.

  • She’s just a back with a crack.