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Joanna Krupa Flat Ass and Fake Tits in These Bikini Pictures of the Day

Joanna Krupa is a very irrelevant Polish American who escaped communist rule, got fake tits, who did a bunch of low grade modeling gigs that involved her half naked because she was willing to get half naked…eventually leading to Maxim and Playboy and never quite establishing herself as anything beyond being a bitch who gets half naked, that somehow lead to her on Dancing with the Stars, despite never being a star, but I guess to her family she was, because being in magazines was a far from being in line for rationed bread, or working in the sex trade to escape communism, or even rehearsing a juggling act with a Polish circus bear, so I guess she’s made it and I don’t mind, since making it means putting her flat ass, fake tits, botox face, lip injected lips in a bikini, making her a circus act of her own, only this circus is real fucking life and not under then big top….

Here are some pics…

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Brooke Hogan’s Flat Ass of the Day

Nothing like a bitch who is built like a fucking tank, you know too thick for her own kind to get with, forced to a cursed life of inter-racial love affairs, who is missing one key fucking element about being the fat blonde chick that black dudes fuck, and that’s a fuckin’ ass. I don’t really understand what’s going on in these pictures, but they oddly remind me of after hour parties with trannies in their panties, and despite my straight friends having the ability to neglect the fact they have a cock, and appreciate their luxurious hair extensions, make up and sometimes fake tits long enough to bust in their mouths, something I could never really fuck with no matter how drunk I was because I was never very good at lying to myself, I’ve always been forced to deal with the cold hard truth which has always been pretty fucking depressing, but not as depressing as waking up with tranny cock in your ass….

Either way, my advice to Brooke Hogan is to take some of those “CCs” out of her tits and jack that ass up.

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Anne Hathaway and Her Flat Oscar Ass of the Day

Anne Hathaway may bore the shit out of me. I see a sloppy lookin flat assed chick who a lot of guys want to fuck becuase she reminds them of the librarian or some shit, but she’s slated to be nominated for an Oscar for some movie she played a drug addict in, a movie I will probably never see, because if I want to see boring, sloppy, flat assed chicks on drugs, I’ll take my business to the streets. It is the weekend and I shouldn’t be posting now, so I will stop.

Here’s some Anne Hathaway See Through Shirt Pictures With Band Aids on Her TIts from God Knows When…..

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