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Switchin’ Things Up with Jean Claude Van Damme in His Panties of the Day

Here’s Jean Claude Van Damme acting like an attention whore, prancing around in his panties like the little slut that he is, hoping to get in the tabloids because it is good for his self esteem. He was a hug action star man, he made big fucking money, all the girls wanted to get in his pants and all the guys wanted the be in his pants and all the gay guys wanted to be his pants, and now he’s just a nobody.

If you’re wondering why I am posting homo shit, you know men in their brief, it’s partially because I find french men about as masculine as the average woman, not quite as masculine as the two dykes having a beer chugging contest on the street yesterday, so posting him in his panties is probably something worth celebrating, because it means he’s not bottomless, but it is also because anyone who says they never got hard watching one of his movies and because I am taking the Lady Gaga approach to success and that’s targeting the gays.

No, I didn’t get “too drunk” last night, that broadened my eyes on homosexuality, in some kind of college hook up where I wake up in the arms of a muscular man in leather with a dick in my ass, I am just testin’ my options, cuz I’ve never seen a poor gay guy, they are all career oriented, all fabulous livin’, who love to drink and do coke, with luxury lofts and no kids to rape their bank accounts, making them appealing to advertisers.

I figure my gay strategy is gonna end after this post. I hope you enjoyed it.

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  • Dustin

    Now I know why you hate every famous woman on the planet. You are a gay!

  • FrenchMan

    He’s not french …

  • Perv

    Hayden Panettiere has a bigger cock than he does.

  • nunya

    i gotta agree with Perv

  • edna

    Nice to see JCVD!
    He still has the body!

  • Kodos

    Uh, Jesus,He’s Belgian.Not that it matters worth a shit! Quit posting the male of the species and go find me some fine female tail, please.Thank you.

  • dj

    Great article. You’ve inherited a new gay reader. From what I’ve read in the comments, you’ve inherited a lot of new gay readers!

  • East L.A. Mario

    This puto has always liked you. You’ve never projected homophobia. most queer blogs promote yours (which says alot) keep up the great work. P.S. if i wanted to see dudes, i’d go elsewhere.

  • Liz

    He has saggy balls.

  • “Blah blah blah “im gay” blah blah blah”, every faggot fucking statement fits that scheme. Keep it to your fudge packing selves.

    Because I know as a straight guy in the middle of every conversation for no fucking reason, we discuss sexual orientation, “I was at the store bro, and you know how I loves me some pussy right? So I picked up a half dozen eggs and bread…”
    It’s non sequitur when we do it (which I’ve yet to hear, even ONCE), its obnoxious and non sequitur when you do it, no wonder people dont fucking like you, stop putting it in our faces and your wont get shit in return.


    For this VERY reason, is why it feels so fucking good to be a Californian who helped stop PROP 8 dead in its pixie dust covered tracks.

  • No poor gays? Cruise up and down cali, plenty of white trash 15k and under pole polishers. Pah-Lent-EEEE

  • Amber Taylor

    ^^^You helped to stop prop 8?
    Well, for 1 thing, genius, Prop 8 was OPPOSED to gay marriage.
    & it went through. Nobody stopped it. If you were in fact trying to stop it, then you were FOR gays getting married.

    So nothing you posted made sense.

    Also, I have NO IDEA what you were trying to say in your second paragraph.
    It made zero sense.
    Just like your existence.
    You’re just another homophobic woman-hating douche bag…