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A Date With Pam Anderson’s Haggard Face of the Day

The problem with Plastic Surgery is that it doesn’t age well. It’s like the people who get the shit to try to make themselves look better, get kicked in the fuckin ass a few years down the road, when their faces start contorting in weird ways, forcing them to get more plastic surgery, eventually ending up lookin’ like a blow-up doll you found in the garbage and decided to patch up and bring home with you because your whore wife doesn’t fuck you.

The problem with having a crush on a celebrity in the 90s, is that 15 years down the road when you happen to be lucky enough to finally meet her, you decide to ask her on a date to live out that late Baywatch fantasy, forgetting that in those 15 years, many cock have run through her pink garage door in her red bathing suit, and now she’s a leathery freaky lookin’ piece of shit.

Here are the pics of her on a date.

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  • HorneyLohanWanker

    Yikes, that was a serious chubby-killer.

  • Marv Albert

    Her and Carmeron Diaz both look worn,that 90’s crush does nothing today.