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New Young British Lesbian Couple of the Day

Here is a post you really won’t give a fuck about, but I accidentally downloaded the pictures thinking they were of some random UK bitch actually getting caught dyking out, but instead I got some lesbian tree huggin’ date in the fuckin’ park. The blonde one who looks like she is into motorcycles, combat boots, ripping off dicks because her mother died of a heroin overdose because of penis, is named Pixie Geldof, and there’s no real shocker that she’s into eating cunt. The other one is some aspiring song writer, who is Anne Heche-ing this bitch because she knows her dad has all kinds of ins in the record industry, but when you look like Pixie, you might as well use any bargaining chip you have, even if it is false promises of hook ups from your dad.

The the fact that I know all this, depresses me, but not as much as the fact that I just made this totally useless fucking post. I mean useless unless you think teenage girls rubbing each other from head to toe with their tongues, you know their naked bodies pushed up against each other in the girl’s locker room at the Gym before swimming class, or yoga class or pretty much any fuckin class, or on a field day, or even in a bar or bar bathroom, or pretty much anywhere and under any circumstance, even if panties are left on is hot, like I do.

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  • Expletive: BMP

    lesbians are fucking boring, not to mention retarded and so fucking silly, fake dick using mutha fuckers, okay i’m bored again.

  • HorneyLohanWanker

    Not only boring, but tiring as well.

    Who gives a shit?