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A Little Haylie Duff Walking Her Dog of the Day

It must suck being in her younger sister’s shadow. Not as pretty, not ass successful, not as well put together, forcing her to spend a life trying to prove herself to her family, and in this case, the world. So she goes out and gets a shitty nose job, thinking that’ll be the remedy to why she has never had work other than being on Hilary Duff’s payroll cuz she’s family, and I almost feel sorry for her, so sorry that I’d finger bang her ugly ass on the dancefloor while her dog watched. Not that that makes sense but I’m just waking up and hurting.

What does make sense is that the dog should be walking her. Or maybe that doesn’t make sense either. At this point nothing makes sense.

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  • HorneyLohanWanker

    I would love to tie Haylie down on a bed and fill her snatch with bacon, then have the dog go to town on her.

    I mean, that’s not strange, is it?