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Bar Rafaeli in GQ of the Day

These GQ pictures remind me a some 1970’s erotic film kick only not very erotic at all.

A bunch of years ago I was working in construction with a friend of mine and we were doing demo on a house. We got the plaster off one wall and noticed a metal tin. We opened it up and found a handful of love letters than I guess were sent to this guy over the course of a decade from some girl and in those erotic love letters about missing each other, and classy sexual references because it was the 60s and they didn’t say shit like “Rape your gaping asshole while choking you out with a rubber cock as my friend pissed on your face”, you know like we do today when we are trying to express our love to our long lost mistresses, girlfriends, or whatever this “secret” love affair was.

The highlight of the tin was a series of topless photos of the chick and at least 4 or 5 tufts of her pubic hair in various letters, mainly because I had never seen pubic hair from the 60s, and it as nice to see how little it has changed over the years, but also because sniffing it made me cum pretty fast when jerking off to it, I just hope the pubic hair once belonged to a woman, cuz otherwise that’d make me gay, right?

Either way, here’s Bar Rafaeli in Italy GQ.

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