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Brooke Hogan and Her Stripper Pole Dance of the Day

Here’s a thick fuckin’ Brooke Hogan and her big fake tits doing a stripper pole dance, because I guess it’s a cheap, trashy way to get viewers, unfortunately, she is the kind of stripper you’d expect to see working the stripclub, but the one you don’t really expect to get much work, I mean except from the gay guys who are only there hoping to get a boner and naturally drawn to the girls with cock. Either way, it is a family affair as Brooke’s mom hustles the pole too, like a pro cuz that’s where it all started for her, before she met a super star wrestler. The whole thing is better than a kick in the face, but not really where I need it to be, without vagina flashes, I just can’t be won over, there’s a close call but when whoever it is says their uterus got a work out, I gave up.

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  • raoul

    I will be glad to work her uterus out….

  • Bob Smith

    Who’s the tranny with the tits?

  • nunya

    at least she got her tuck game under control

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  • Daddy must be jealous he wasn’t there to support her by throwing her dickcunt up against the poll like the teacher attempted to do.

  • Nice dance 🙂

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