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Sienna Miller in a White Bikini of the Day

Sienna Miller is some home wrecking washed up party slut who managed to get a couple of movies and here she is in a white bikini trying to trick us all into thinking that she’s pure, but I’m pretty sure if you found those bottoms on your bedroom floor after fuckin her, you’d find a green stain that would make you regret what you did the night before. I don’t really know waht I am talking about, but I assume Sienna Miller’s fucked enough dudes that her pussy oozes space shit and that’s all I have to say about that cuz I have better things to do than this, like finger bang the girl sitting next to me at McDonald’s. Sure she’s 80, but that just means she will probably invite me over for some backed goods.
Fuck yourself.

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  • Dr.Perverto

    Talking about hotness…Killer body, beautiful AND the ultimate SLUT. What more can you ask for?

  • Amber Taylor

    What’s a backed good?

    Is that some reference to anal?


  • cowbulls

    I agree. She is using her body for sex and plenty of sex. Hurray!!!