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Kendra Wilkinson’s Pregnant Ass in a Bikini of the Day

I assume whoever Kendra Wilkinson is making a half-breed kid with is either a rapper or athlete, because girls like her don’t date black dudes unless they are rich because she’s a fuckin’ hooker piece of trash proven both by the fact that she was dating a senior citizen when she was 20 for money and status and but also proven by the shotgun wedding she had a few weeks ago because that is the only kind of wedding her people really understand.

Here she is on the beach with her pregnant body in a bikini, speaking of strippers who made it, I was supposed to go to the stripclub last night, where I was going to pretend I worked for a big entertainment company, to get them to give me free auditions in the lap dance booth and get their hopes up, because I’ve learned that all strippers hope some knight in shining armor will come in and give them a better life and I am so down with playin off that.

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  • roscoe

    did her mom sniff glue during her pregnancy?

  • Imtheloserbehindyou

    I see her following the pamela anderson model. Have a few kids and a few different husbands and a few STD’s. Then cry in her messy bedroom alone because no one will want to touch you for the rest of your life.

  • smacky


  • A man named GOB

    There’s one gene pool that was pissed in alot.


  • We needed this info. It has just settled a disagreemnt! *Bookmarked*