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Lisa “Pussyface” Rinna’s Jacked Body of the Day

I used to know a bitch who was into suction on her pussy. She made this device with a plastic cup and a garden hose that she’d but over her vagina and start sucking and one day I was lucky enough to watch. She said something it being the only way she can get off, but I’ll tell you the space creature shit that happened to her vagina under that kind of pressure was disgusting as a vagina should never be seen under those conditions, and it was the one time I couldn’t get off to a naked bitch who wasn’t my wife and the shit looked a lot like Lisa Rinna’s mouth.

Here is Lisa Rinna on the beach and she is fuckin’ jacked and I guess not eating is the least she can do after spending all that money over the years on lips, tits, and labia reduction surgery that has yet to be confirmed but would explain what the hell is on her face.

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  • I’mNotANigger

    She looks like Michael Jackson in better times.

  • Bob Smith

    Despite all that, I’m strangely attracted to her. Like you would fuck her mouth like you’d fuck a vagina. The difference being that you would donkey punch her if she hit you with the teeth.

  • dave

    So bob smith, you would donkey punch a chick who was blowing you?

    You may want to rethink that.

  • Bob Smith

    Okay okay. I would have to twist her around a bit. hahaha get it? bit?

  • Perv

    Nice tight body. would like to fuck that, preferably doggie and I’ve never been blown by a duck before so…

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