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Kelly Bensimon in her Mesh Bikini of the Day

The fact that Kelly Killoren still goes by her ex-husband’s name, just goes to show you that she’s the kind of wallet fucking attention whore you’d expect her to be. You see, when a woman has her own identity, she doesn’t bother milking her successful fashion photographer ex-husband who was once married to Elle Macpherson by riding his name and cashing his alimony checks when not doing her gig on Real Housewives of New York and some bullshit fashion line she started or working out intensely enough to have turned her body into that of a man’s, despite how well hidden her cock is in her white bikini bottoms….
That said, she’s on the beach in some mesh bikini top, showing off her dark nipples and I’m not sure if liking this makes you gay or not, because this is obviously on some tranny shit.

Pics via INFphoto

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Lisa “Pussyface” Rinna’s Jacked Body of the Day

I used to know a bitch who was into suction on her pussy. She made this device with a plastic cup and a garden hose that she’d but over her vagina and start sucking and one day I was lucky enough to watch. She said something it being the only way she can get off, but I’ll tell you the space creature shit that happened to her vagina under that kind of pressure was disgusting as a vagina should never be seen under those conditions, and it was the one time I couldn’t get off to a naked bitch who wasn’t my wife and the shit looked a lot like Lisa Rinna’s mouth.

Here is Lisa Rinna on the beach and she is fuckin’ jacked and I guess not eating is the least she can do after spending all that money over the years on lips, tits, and labia reduction surgery that has yet to be confirmed but would explain what the hell is on her face.

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Kelly Ripa is Fucking Ripped of the Day

I wonder how many sites made the connection with her body being ripped and her name being Ripa. I am thinking 95% of them.

These pictures are disgusting have. Don’t get me wrong, I like skinny girls, but not fitness skinny. I like eating disorder and drug addict skinny, because there’s something nice about skin that looks like it’s an extra large condom dangling off my little penis than skin that looks like it’s about to explode like the seam of my wife’s pants when she tries to sit down on the couch.

Whatever the fuck is going on with her sternum/titties is some steroid shit, that reminds me of the WWF and not in a good way, but what really gets me is the penis that is sneaking it’s way out of her belly button.

Sure, hermaphrodites are one of nature’s great luxuries, but the thought of going down on a bitch and having that shit pokin’ me in my forehead freaks me out but not as much as the idea of a sex tape of her husband jerkin it off while getting her pregnant for the fourth time does.

Here she is in Miami.

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Miley Cyrus in Some Ripped Pantyhose of the Day

Miley Cyrus is really taking this teenage slut thing seriously. Here she is wearing a pair of pantyhose you’d expect to find on a dead hooker found in an alley in the seedy part of town after she was raped and killed, or even in a field an hour out of town for the more nature loving whore killers. Or maybe even something you’d see on a crackwhore who is on day 5 of a serious bender that’s left her curled up in the corner of a charge by the hour motel room, unshowered, in the same clothes she came in on, crying in the corner alone, but it’s definitely not something you’d expect a 15 year old to be wearing as if to advertise how her 21 year old ravages her so aggressively because the passion is so high that she can’t keep a pair of pantyhose for more than a couple hours before the crotch is ripped out and his fingers are scratching a record like he was Sam Ronson on her box, but I am probably jumping to conclusions, she probably got them at Hot Topic and they are probably part of the Perez Hilton clothing collection and her older fame hunting boyfriend is gay and just with her for the publicity knowing that she’ll never try to bang him since she’s a good little Christian who is totally sexually satisfied thanks to the execs at Disney. Sure, talking about a 15 year old sexually is considered wrong, maybe even illegal in the US, but I like to look at it as a practice that created your great culture…without pregnant 15 year olds in the 1600s, none of you white folk would be eating your McDonald’s or drinking your Coca Cola today, so hating on me for talking about a 15 year old having sex is like a black person hating on slavery, that shit just doesn’t happen….oh wait…maybe I’m wrong about that….but what I am not wrong about is that when I was 15 I was fucking and I’m sure you were too, and if you weren’t you would have been, if you found a girl retarded enough to let you, I’m talking Down’s Syndrome retarded not bad judgement retarded, because those in helmets usually have low standards. I think that’s enough of this post.

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