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Kelly Bensimon in her Mesh Bikini of the Day

The fact that Kelly Killoren still goes by her ex-husband’s name, just goes to show you that she’s the kind of wallet fucking attention whore you’d expect her to be. You see, when a woman has her own identity, she doesn’t bother milking her successful fashion photographer ex-husband who was once married to Elle Macpherson by riding his name and cashing his alimony checks when not doing her gig on Real Housewives of New York and some bullshit fashion line she started or working out intensely enough to have turned her body into that of a man’s, despite how well hidden her cock is in her white bikini bottoms….
That said, she’s on the beach in some mesh bikini top, showing off her dark nipples and I’m not sure if liking this makes you gay or not, because this is obviously on some tranny shit.

Pics via INFphoto

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