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Lisa Rinna’s Weathered Body Rocks a Bikini of the Day

You know when your favorite pair of leather shoes you bought at the Salvation Army because you liked the idea of wearing a pair of shoes someone may have likely died in, not to mention becaue it is all you can really afford, and they seemed like they were in good enough condition, other than the smell of some other asshole’s foot fungus still lingering in the shit, but you wear those fuckers religiously, because walking outside without shoes is disgusting, and because they are your only fuckin’ pair. You slowly develop a relationship with them and as time goes on you actually start developing feelings. It’s like your trusty old shoes will get you over that puddle, or through that broken class, and you’ll do your best to make sure you don’t piss on them, or throw up on them, you know, taking the fuckers under your fucking wing and then one day you realize all the wear and tear is getting to them, so you buy some shoe goo in hopes of rebuilding your buddy, because you aren’t ready to say goodbye. That bandaid solution works for a while but you realize the leather is getting hard for some reason, like it’s old and dried up and there’s nothing you can do. You rub leather oil on it, you try you best to keep it alive, until one day it is too late and the whole thing falls the fuck apart. What was once a perfect fitting shoe some other asshole owned, is now some loose, floppy, dead cow on your fuckin’ feet and there’s nothing you can do about. No surgery to save it and you just have to accept that your time together is over….Well that’s kinda what’s happening to Lisa Rinna’s plastic surgery body, what looks rough and tough like leather is just some sloppy vile mess and soon she’ll have to accept the one-piece bathing suit when she hangs out at the beach…because her stomach is offensive.

Pics Via Fame

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  • Truff

    Abs of Leather!

  • Perv

    Not that great but still gives me a stiffy.