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A Sad Day for Muff Road of the Day

Fox is perverted. They did a story on Muff Road having to change its name in some town in New Zealand because people are stealing the signs for I guess their frat houses, because I can’t see why anyone would want a Muff Road sign, unless they were homos trying to hide their homosexuality by living in a house with a bunch of men and fucking chicks together, with decor representative of manliness like sports posters to show your guest that you can’t be gay, even though you live with a bunch of dudes, cuz you like football, and your empty beer and booze bottle collections, to show your guests how much you can drink, cuz you’re a man who fucks chicks with the boys, and you’re shelf with your porn collection, and old posters of Pam Anderson and a stack of Playboy’s since you’re not Gay even though you’re “frat mates” shove broom handles in your ass.

The whole thing is totally not newsworthy, but made it on the news, because I guess the people at this local Fox affiliate thought it is funny because Muff means vagina and felt they needed to share it with the tri state area…or wherever their shit is broadcast.. Do you get it? I mean the joke, I don’t mean actual muff, know you don’t get actual muff….

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    we don’t have frat houses in NZ