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Nicolette Sheridan Suckin’ Bottles of the Day

< I wish I could get excited about watching a girl suck on a water bottle makes it easy to imagine them suckin' a dick. It makes it even easier if you have the picture of her doing it, cuz all it takes is a little photoshop, and next thing you know you are reliving your Michael Bolton blowjob fantasy you've had since you first saw his flowing blonde hair when you were 12, you know because he spent the last decade fuckin' this cunt. Literally. I mean unless he's only into anal and dating chicks is just for show, because his audience is primarily women, and if they knew what the rest of us knew, maybe they'd stop buying his albums and jerking off to his liner notes like it was still the '80s.

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  • HorneyLohanWanker

    She needs to smoke more.