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Slow Day in News in LA of the Day

If you thought LA was a flakey piece of shit before watching this video, now you’ll be pretty confident about it because last Friday some morning show sent one of their morning show girls, who I think I may have written about before saying something along the lines of her moving to LA hoping for a career and only landing a local morning show and doing everything she can to escape that before it’s too late and becomes her life, and here she is in a segment I don’t quite understand, but involves her and her fuckin’ bikini goin down a waterslide and motherfuckers spend close to three minutes on this….provin that LA’s fuckin’ weird…

Here is a second clip from Friday’s Good Day LA morning show and it is with Katherine Heigl and she is talking about her vibrating panties and having orgasms….something disgusting to some and pornographic to others but worth watching for all….

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