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Lisa Rinna in Yesterday’s Bikini Pictures of the Day

I missed these pictures yesterday because I am not a very thorough worker. I don’t really pay much attention to detail and I get distracted easily, which I like to think is the reason I never graduated high school, I could never hold down a job, and why I drink. So I figured I might as well put them up a day late, because some of you may have missed the science experiment gone wrong, that is Lisa Rinna’s plastic surgeried body, and some of you may want to see that no matter how much money you invest into your shit, it’s still gonna fall apart and get sloppy one day and I know that her shit may look better than most young people you see on the beach today, but that’s just because young people today are useless fucking, rich, slobs who were raised by videogame systems and potato chips, I saw the movie Wall-E, I know how shit’s gonna pan out for us, so here’s a sloppy old doctored ass that is sadly better than your young teenage ass, provided you’re the 18 year old slut I fantasize that I am writing this site for everyday….

I hate these staged bikini stunts to get into the tabloids, but I guess I got no choice but to post them….cuz I am addicted to the process…and by process I mean bikinis even when the cunt in the bikini is acting like an asshole…

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  • Bob Smith

    She looks like fun

  • Perv

    I’d fuck her, duckface and all.

  • HorneyLohanWanker

    She needs more cigarettes.

  • I’m shocked that with as hard bodied as she is that she has cellulite. She’s still very rape worthy though =)