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Elisabetta Canalis In Her Bikini From the Winter of the Day

The paparazzi are excited that they get to dig into their crates and pull out pictures they never thought would be worth anything, but as paparazzi have no choice but to hope and pray that they will, because pictures of semi-famous cunts in bikinis can go either way, you know maybe the girl will just fade into obscurity or maybe she’ll date Hollywood’s most eligible bachelor, who probably owns 25% of her, and that’s why he allows this all to go down, and I’m not talking about the 25% of her that is in her bikini bottoms, I’m talking 25% of whatever she makes in Hollywood, it’s gotta be a business arrangement or she’s gotta take it up the ass a lot, because based on her face it just doesn’t make sense…even if he is old dick and his standards have dipped….

So these pictures are of her in Miami, before Clooney, when she was just some slag on the beach the paparazzi shot when they were waiting for real celebs, and her body is fuckin’ alright by me….

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