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Some Bai Ling in Some Skimpy Outfit of the Day

It’s hard not to be into a tight Asian body, that even if it’s on some useless, possibly 50 year old, cunt, who really isn’t all that useless if you think about it, because she exposes her nipples on the fuckin’ regular, because it gets the inner pedophile out of you when you get to fuck them and shit won’t get you arrested or shanked in prison for stealing innocence, if if the vagina was so small it made you think you did, but I guess I’ll never know just how small an asian vagina actually is since I am a married man….but I’m sure Bai Ling does, since she has one and I’m also sure she’s done everything in her power to beat that shit up and make it look as big as the other girls in Hollywood, but all her extra meat went to her nipples…

I don’t know what I am talking about. I just wanna put that out there if you’re reading this scratchin’ your head wondering what the fuck I am getting at, assuming someone actually reads this….even though I know they don’t….

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  • HorneyLohanWanker

    A picture of Bai-Ling and no nipple shot? What the fuck is the deal dude?


  • Bob Smith

    I’ve got to assume she appeals to gay pedophiles? That isn’t the body that appeals to a man.