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Nicolette Sheridan in Her Bikini of the Day

This one’s for Michael Bolton because I am a huge fan and like providing him with pictures of the pussy he was with for so long in her bikini, because I know that the slutty pics you took of her get boring after jerking off to them long enough and new material makes for a fresh love affair with your ex, even if it’s not so pornographic as the shot of you sucking off the man you hired to fuck her while you watched because eveyrone knows you’re a ‘mo. The only problem with my plan is that you don’t know this site exists…but thankfully I know you exist…I have everyone of your albums….one would say I am your biggest fan….maybe we can do lunch one day or something…or right you don’t know I exist and I’m just day dreaming about your luxurious hair here….don’t I feel stupid…..

I have no idea what that was all about, but here are pics of Nicolette Sheridan and her pretty hot old lady body cuz she was smart enough to not have kids with Michael Bolton cuz he was too busy saving his cum for men….

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  • jeez

    She kept her body up but that face…

  • Bob Smith

    Sure, but given her age, she’s not bad. Plus, maybe you can do her and her daughter at the same time. Assuming she’s over 18, of course.