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Janice Dickinson and her Rancid Lady Parts of the Day

Janice Dickinson’s pussy is so rancid that even the skin on her thighs are trying to escape the shit…or at least it looks like it’s trying to move as far away from it by hangin’ out down by her knees until the infection clears up…or maybe shit’s just melting from the toxins, whatever it is, it’s not normal lookin’.

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  • Bob Smith

    One part of you thinks, hey, hot cougar.

    But the reality is that she’s so old now when she gets excited, she doesn’t get wet, she gets “dust”.

  • dave

    I would love to get my dick inbetween those legs


    Everyone grows old. Oh fucking well. The self proclaimed movie “elite,” who encourage us “little people” to describe them as such, are pathetic and sad and fighting a losing battle the moment they jam a botox needle in their lips for the first time. They realize it looks fucking weird the moment they pay the butcher and stagger out of the operating room, and to counteract the problem they fuck themselves up even more by taking it to the next step: Freaky-looking boob job that causes hard men to drop flaccid. Besides, who the hell is Janice Dickinson anyway? I haven’t got a clue.