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Janice Dickinson and her Sports Bra of the Day

I find seeing pictures of Jancie Dickinson in athletic apparel pretty funny because I was under the impression the only sports-like activity she’s ever been a part of is marathon coke binges, marathon cocksuckin’ sessions and she maintains her sloppy skinny body by binging and purging like girls are supposed to. Fitness is for over achievers and everyone hates those assholes…

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  • Chadwick

    DAMN IT, every time you post a pic of Janice Dickinson on your site I want to puke. She is so nasty, I have seen other women her age who actually work out and they look so much better than her. She’s only 54 and she’s got that nasty tummy and those legs look like they have rotted. She looks 20 years older then she should…her body anyway. Like I said I have seen women her age who actually work out and eat healthy and they look nothing like Janice. They have a killer body but most importantly their skin does not show their age. I guess Janice just drinks a lot and probably shoving coke in every orifice of her body.

  • dave

    everytime you post a picture of janice dickinson on this site I get a boner, I love that skank.