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Bar Rafaeli’s Behind the Scenes Bikini Pictures of the Day

I have some insider Israeli spies who read my site and constantly send me Bar Rafaeli gossip that I never bother posting because I don’t care all that much about her day to day life and I barely even care about her bikini body, it doesn’t change my miserable life in anyway, other than by reminding me that my wife doesn’t look like this, but does look like this, but instead looks like one of Bar Rafaeli’s tits if it weighed 250 lbs and had an broken down face that never shut the fuck up….but that’s not the point.

The point is that last week, Bar Rafaeli left a hotel called the Carlton at 6 am totally messed the fuck up in a party dress and she was either up all night railin’ coke, or railin’ cock or both. At another party, she was seen in the bathroom doing coke while a woman was washing her baby in the sink which I know sounds weird, but the paparazzi don’t bother going to Israel as she’s really the only famous person there and I guess that kind of behavior is what all models do anyway.

That’s all the gossip I have on her and here are some behind the scenes SI pictures some editor posted on twitter.

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  • shaun

    I would post some comments about Bra Ruffeli, but those jews at mossad would rape and murder me. So I better keep quite this once.

  • Hmmm…That pic does look yummy enough to eat. lol

  • hellno

    a jew…no thanks…

  • limi

    As a Native Hebrew speaker and an Israeli, I can offer you some help with following Bar in local websites etc.

  • Billdozer

    Where’s the scat pics?

  • m


  • Kelley

    Wow, real breasts … amazing. One of the few left with real ones !!