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Kimberly Stewart is Not Dead but She Is 30 of the Day

I think I may be psychic because I was just thinking about this whore the other day, remembering a time when she was embarrassing herself everywhere she went. I figured she was dead and no one reported it because she is insignifcant, but I guess I was wrong and the real issue is why the fuck I was thinking about Kimberly Stewart…..

Sure she was an easy thing to laugh at cuz her dad is Rod Stewart and he was off touring the world and fucking models when she was growing up, you know too busy to spend time with her, leaving her forced to build a relationship with him by playing his CDs to fall asleep at night and pasting her face in pictures she cut out of the tabloids to put on her wall, like some obsessed fan and not like a little girl wishing to be with her daddy, but he alway took the time to have his assistant male off the check to make sure she could distract her enough from his absence.

So her daddy issues, as funny as they are, are not that much different than the daddy issues so many other girls I’d rather look at have. So I prefered her bird faced twat fading into obscurity. I didn’t miss seeing her spending her daddy’s money like a waste of space…an old waste of space because she was out celebrating her 30th birthday yesterday and here are the boring pics….

Rhys Ifans was there….you probably know him from jerking off to the Harry Potter movies…I know him as the engaged to…thanks to the make a wish foundation or something…but at least she was wearing a see thru shirt….cuz slutty behavior may explain how she tricked a celebrity into hanging with her….it all starts with the vagina….

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