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Brittany Snow Getitng Out of a Car and Showing Us Up Her Skirt of the Day

Her name is Brittany Snow and I had no idea who she was because her face is ugly and I don’t really like ugly chicks unless my dick is bounching off their “soft palate”, but it turns out that she’s from Tampa, a quite luxurious place if you are white trash and I also found out that her dad quit his job as an insurrance broker to work for her organizing her “schedule”, which is code for taking 20% of her paycheck cuz it worked out to more that the 45,000 dollars a year he was making before, only now he doesn’t have to go into work every fucking day, and I guess its the least this cunt could do because he pretty much made her and speaking of cunt, here he is getting in or out of a car flashing something that may or may not be her black vagina, and is probably just black panties…enjoy….weirdo.

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  • Amber_Taylor

    I remember back when she was on Guiding Light & I hated her because she was so annoying & ugly.

    Some things never change…

  • yylily

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