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Karen Mulder Parties in Leather Shorts of the Day

Here is Karen Mulder, some washed up model I wanna fuck and she’s dressed like a gay biker on Gay Pride weekend lookin’ for twink man pussy to gang rape. You know all leather all the time. Throw in a few poppers, maybe a little meth and ask the DJ to play your favorite song and we’ve got a fuckin’ party.

Sure at 39 years old you should probably be doing better, more responsible things with your time, like raising your 3 year old and not jacking your shorts in your pussy to make the shit sweat while too wasted to get it nice and lubricated enough to fuck in the bathroom, because shit doesn’t work the way it used to, especially when you’re drunk but I’m 40 and I’m not doing anything responsible because responsible is fucking boring and if anything I should try to befriend her so I can stop wasting my time with poverty parties and follow her around to party in luxury cuz she made her money when she was youn so that she could party into the fucking sunset, while I still have to steal from my wife to buy 40s.

So Karen Mulder, if you’re out there, let me be your Scully (I figured the x-files reference would give you virgins a boner, you’re welcome)……..

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  • Damn. I want to do porn with her and Phoebe Price, or at least see them in some porn, together or seperately, or, you know, just jerk off to this, while thinking of Phoebe Price, and I’m done.

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