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America Turns on Aubrey O’Day of the Day

So Aubrey O’Day is getting some heat because she says that Castro is a brilliant man, which upsets Fox News because they are born to hate Castro and communism as it is against the American way or some shit, because during the Cold War, Castro allied with the Russians, because he knew America was going to try to take over his country and he didn’t want that.

It is the same mentality that people have when they say “drive American cars”, when everyone knows American made cars are shit, but are just told to think that…..because I know the people of Fox News have never been to Cuba and have no idea first hand what Cuban life is like, but are full of shit…

Truth is that most psychopaths, murderers and political leaders are geniuses, and calling Castro a murderer is like calling George W. Bush a murderer for invading the middle east without a real just cause where troops and civilians died only I think Bush had less passion than Castro.

Once they backed her into the corner they asked her if she thought Hitler was brilliant and she said yes, and everyone went nuts…

So in her defense, what Hitler did was sick, disgusting, and psychotic, but the fact that he was able to get a whole country to follow his lead is proof that he was a charismatic and genius and the motherfucker just had sick use of his genius…..

Either way, I wanna fuck Aubrey O’Day.

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