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Does Madonna Not Realize She’s in Her 50s of the Day

Watching this video of Madonna’s new video called Celebration disgusts me. Watching her move and hump the air like she’s 20 while flashing panties knowing her pussy is actually 50 is not fucking hot. I don’t care how many special effects they use in editing, she can’t fool me into jerking off to this piece of shit. Unfortunately she didn’t have a heart attack while filming this electronic, robotic disaster that I’m sure gay dudes everywhere love cuz it’s fuckin’ Madonna. She needs to hang up that career of hers and go back to raising her kids.

The only celebration is when this shit ends….

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  • HorneyLohanWanker

    Watching her videos is like watching videos of my grandmother at a wedding, I keep worrying that she is going to break her hip.

  • Chantal

    I saw it for the first time on TV last night and thought “oh lord woman, whyyyyyyyyy, you have to age a bit sometime and can’t be dancing like a youngster, it just looks odd” I wonder when she’ll stop making music videos and touring, I don’t think she could ever give it up, it’s like she’s so driven to be the most iconic female singer of all time.

  • sandie

    Madonna is the best and who cares if she is not 20 or 30, she still rocks!
    Age is just a number.

  • Jeff Little

    ugg I just threw up in my mouth

  • Ryan Brant

    Jeff I second that…

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