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Rebecca Gayheart’s Pregnancy Pictures of the Day

I don’t wish death upon people, especially not unborn babies, because that is cruel and I am a real nice guy, but wouldn’t it be bittersweet if when Gayheart’s kid that is brewing inside her turns 9, it gets run the fuck over by some idiot celebrity talking on his cellular in his SUV, who will later get acquitted because it will be proven with the help of his expensive lawyer that her kid was jay walking and breaking the law, even though every other car stopped to let it get across the street, while the idiot celebrity’s impatient ass decided to drive around the other cars who were letting the kid cross cuz the idiot was in such a rush and couldn’t be bothered waiting so instead accidentally runs it the fuck down, killing it. Leaving Gayheart and her family left with heavy hearts and sadness, but at least she’ll always have a stupid name, no celebrity driving with a cellphone can take that from her…

Pics via Fame

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  • shaun

    You know what would be even more nice? Niggers raping this bitch with their huge cocks, so that the constant pounding of black pistons leads to her abby dying inside her.

    That’s the kind of stuff a white man can fap to.

  • anony

    Hopefully, when the kid is nine it will get accidentally get run over by someone not paying attention and talking on their cell phone.

  • BarbadoSlim

    If there was really a god she’d get run over, go into labor right on the street and then have the baby get run over.

  • Lita

    Totally agree. She seems like a selfish bitch.