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Sienna Miller is Still Alive of the Day

Remember when Sienna Miller was all over the fucking place, topless in every movie, the hottest homewrecker in Hollywood….neither do I, but in my defense I have a pretty bad memory, I don’t even remember actual hot girls I’ve met drunk over the years when I bump into them, but usually that’s because I met them drunk, they aren’t as hot as I remember them being, and usually 10 years older, fatter and moms. I just know that there was at least one point in my life where I thought it’d be nice to replace my wife with Sienna Millerr, but then realized that Sienna Miller probably has Aids, and figure that’d be better off getting it from a streetwhore, because they’re less maintenance, less needy and faster to die because of their shitty immune systems…
So, she’s not dead, she did Letterman, and based on Letterman and her past she probably DID Letterman, and I guess who really cares, these pictures suck, kinda like her income the last 3 years…..

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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    (720): its like the voldemort of pregnancies, we don’t talk about it

    (208): if beer pong were an olympic sport, I’d be the Michael Phelps of this city!

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  • Joe

    Ah at least she hangs out normal in New York City, you can have a beer with her in a bar and not even care who she is. Much unlike the other crappy Los Angeles priss’s like Lohan and Rianna who show up with apes and Isrealis pushing people around like they own the city.
    Sienna’s cool