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Nicky Hilton and her Shitty See Thru of the Day

I have tried to convince the other celebrity blogs who sometimes answer my emails that we need to stop writing about Paris Hilton or posting pictures of her, not because we have the power to make her irrelevant, but because I like to think we do. The good news I don’t post shit about her, so that pretty much makes her non existent to me and that’s good enough, so I wasn’t going to post these Nicky Hilton shitty see thru pictures, thinking that maybe this was Paris Hilton’s way back into the limelight she never deserved, you know figuring out a way to exploit her ugly sister who was envious of her to get out there and get some coverage to pave the way for her big reveal, but figured that I shouldn’t get so emotionally invovled in all this, they spend no time thinking about me, so I shouldn’t waste my time thinking about them, and get back to just posting these cunts and laughing at their stupidity.

That said, here’s Nicky Hilton and a REAL shitty see thru.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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  • drunken pig

    Look’s like a spawn in the headlights!! Iz it just me or do all these chick’s have bruising on their knee’s??

  • Amber_Taylor

    Omg, why’s she hanging out with Cojo?

    He’s so repulsive…